Announcing our New Slimline Series of Remote Monitoring Devices

MetriCorr is proud to announce our new series of remote monitoring devices, which will be available for the market during 2018. The product line comprises the VL-100; a simple voltage logging device for DC and AC potentials, the VL-300; which is a three-channel voltage logger one of which being a microvolt channel, as well as an ICL-02 module with the well-known features of the original ICL-02.

With the new line of products MetriCorr addresses all arts of pipeline remote monitoring, and pre-configured sensors ensure a streamlined communication and data-dump to our WebService.

The VL-100 can now be pre-ordered, whereas the ICL- and VL-300 modules are expected to reach the market in the summer of 2018.

Please contact MetriCorr for further information: