Today, some of the world’s largest companies are using our advanced technical equipment to improve the safety and prolong the lifespan of their buried assets.

Through our products and services, we are helping clients worldwide to avoid corrosion in many different challenging environments

Our clients

  • Advantica Ltd. (UK)
  • Aktor S.A. (GR)
  • Balslev A/S (DK)
  • Banedanmark (DK)
  • BMI-Austral (Ar)
  • Carl Bro AB (S)
  • CCS Mumbai (In)
  • Coga (Pe)
  • Copenhagen Airport I/S (DK)
  • Corroconsult Ltd (UK)
  • Corrpro Inc. (USA)
  • Corrpro (Can)
  • Cowi A/S (DK)
  • Danish Gas Technology Centre (DK)
  • DEPA – Greece (GR)
  • DESFA (Gr)
  • DONG A/S (DK)
  • Dansk Gas Distribution (formally Dong Distribution A/S) (DK)
  • Elsam A/S (DK)
  • Enbridge (US)
  • (DK)
  • E.on (UK)
  • E.on (US)
  • E.on Ruhrgas AG (DE)
  • Exxon mobile Force Technology (DK)
  • Danish Compulsory Oil Stock Association (DK)
  • Gastra A/S (DK)
  • Gazprom (Ru)
  • Gasunie (NL)
  • GRT Gaz (formally Gaz de France)(F)
  • Geoplin plinovodi d.o.o (SI)
  • German Cathodic Protection GmbH (DE)
  • Gujarat Gas Company Ltd (In)
  • Gujarat State Petronet Ltd. (In)
  • HNG I/S Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd.
  • Honeywell InterCorr Ltd (USA)
  • Kiwa, (NL)
  • Kinder Morgan (US)
  • Louisville Gas and Electric (LG&E)
  • MERO Pipeline GmbH (DE)
  • Naturgas Midt Nord I/S (DK)
  • Nova Gas (S)
  • OneOK (US)
  • Pacific Gas and Electric, PG&E (US)


  • Penspen (UK) PetroChina (Ch)
  • Promec (GR)
  • PST (Ru)
  • PTT Pipeline company (Thailand)
  • Ringkøbing Amt (DK)
  • RWE Systems AG (DE)
  • Siemens Wind Power (DK)
  • Shell (UK)
  • STG International (D)
  • Swerea Kimab AB (S)
  • Syd Gas AB (S)
  • Technical University of Denmark (DK)
  • Technische Akademie Wuppertal e.v. (DE)
  • Terasen Gas, (CA)
  • TIGF (F)
  • Trapil (F)
  • Verbundnetz Gas (D)
  • Vestas Wind Systems A/S (DK)
  • Williams Pipeline (US)
  • Wilson Taylor Asia Pacific (SG)

Louisville Gas & Electric Company (LG&E) has been using MetriCorr’s active monitoring system since 2009. I selected MetriCorr because (in my opinion) they have the best active monitoring system on the market. Originally, our focus was on AC corrosion. By using MetriCorr’s system, it has allowed us a high level of confidence that AC corrosion will be detected (if present) on our gas transmission pipelines. With the great success of the AC corrosion monitoring program, LG&E expanded the use of the active monitoring system to include active DC pipe-to-soil monitoring, AC potential monitoring, and IR drop considerations. Our next step is to use the active monitoring system for collecting corrosion growth rate data. On a personal note, it has been a pleasure working with MetriCorr. Not only are they experts in the field of AC corrosion and active monitoring, but they deeply care about the success of their clients. For example, they “held my hand” as we stepped in the “muddy waters” of AC corrosion by “slowly” explaining the theory of AC corrosion and the function of the active monitoring system equipment, assisting with installations, reviewing data, creating standard operating procedures (SOPs), troubleshooting, and suggesting ways that we could get greater usage from our system. Therefore, I highly recommend MetriCorr to any organization that is interest in a “best-in-class” active monitoring system and AC corrosion engineering firm.

Malcolm Stephens, Group Leader – Corrosion Control Louisville Gas & Electric Company Louisville, KY, USA

With the introduction of MetriCorr corrosion rate concept Gazprom introduced a paradigm shift in the safeguard of our pipelines. The primary parameter for cathodic protection is to achieve a corrosion rate less than 10 micrometer per year, and we can monitor this by the systematic application of corrosion rate probes. In the pipeline “Expansion of the gas supplying system for the South Stream” we introduced 400 Remote Monitoring Systems for corrosion rate as well as traditional cathodic protection parameters. It is our intention to pursue this approach in our pipeline construction projects.

Anatoly Aybluchansky, Head of Catodic Protection Department JSC "Giprospetsgaz" Design Institute of PJSC "Gazprom".