Data Loggers

The patented ICL-02i data logger is a unique tool scientifically developed for monitoring electrical interference, cathodic protection and corrosion rate and, in conjunction with the ER probe, is the back bone of the MetriCorr system.
The multichannel logger quantifies the corrosion rate while simultaneously logging the AC and DC potential (‘ON’ and ‘polarized IR-Free’), AC and DC current densities and the spread resistance. All measurements are fully compliant with industry standards.

Two ER probes can be connected to one ICL-02i.

The ICL-02i logger with its standard transient protection module provides a diagnostic tool for any corrosion detected. With the ICL data logger installed corrosion events can be resolved over time. The continuous monitoring of corrosion rate and electrical parameters provides data to verify that corrosion is under control or to analyze and diagnose the cause of corrosion allowing the operator to be proactive in implementing mitigation.

Use the ICL-02i data logger in conjunction with remote monitoring, as a manually downloaded field logger (battery/solar powered), or use it as a spot-wise measurement tool.

Datasheets and downloads: