ER Probes

The MetriCorr ER corrosion rate probe for external pipeline corrosion and cathodic protection monitoring can be installed in three different configurations:

As a stand-alone tool
where the probe values (thickness loss as well as pipeline electrical parameters) are read spot-wise during regular inspections. Data can be transferred to the Webservice manually, or can be managed via the App as part of the Easy Test Station concept.

Combined with the ICL data logger
to provide continuous (e.g. every 30 or 60 minutes) measurements of probe thickness as well as electrical pipeline parameters. The combination of probe and data logger provides the fastest possible corrosion rate indication and can be used to correlate corrosion rate and electrical fingerprints. In this configuration, the data logger, capable of storing 80 000 measurements, is downloaded manually during routine monitoring visits to the test station and the data uploaded to the Webservice.

Combined with the ICL data logger and a remote monitoring unit
In this configuration data is automatically sent to the Webservice for analysis via cellular services. In cases where cellular reception is poor, a satellite option is available.

Datasheets and downloads: