MEET THE TEAM: Erich Torrild, Sales Support Team

Interview with Erich Kjølner Torrild, sales support team at MetriCorr.

In this cover of Meet the Team we talk to Erich – one of the members of our sales support team. We find out about his passion for playing music, what he enjoys most about working at MetriCorr and what a typical day in the office involves.

What is your job role at MetriCorr?

Actually, I have more roles at MetriCorr, but my official title is Sales Supporter. I support the sales function by preparing offers for customers. Also, when customers place orders at MetriCorr, I’m the one who handles these orders and also the lead times. When the production facility has finished an order, I print the invoice. I’m also responsible for filing all documents in our systems.
Sometimes customers specify how they want their delivery to be shipped, other times I decide how orders are to be shipped to the customer.

Tell us about a typical day in your job – what does a typical day in the office look like?

Proposal making is pretty much the same in its entire process, but of course customers ask for different products. Customers might have very technical questions, and in those situations I’m fortunate to have technically skilled people at MetriCorr who then help with answering the questions they ask.

After Brexit the shipping process has gotten more complicated when shipping to Great Britain. Brexit can also cause delays because of customs and other aspects when shipping orders. Generally, the whole cargo aspect gives the biggest challenges. Our lithium batteries are hazardous goods which is also important to keep in mind. Only some cargo companies can ship these kinds of products.

The job is very ad hoc because of the nature in how customers contact us. On a typical day, I start my day by checking my mails as we have customers all over the globe. I then respond to the inquiries, which are either request for quote or new orders. I work together with our production manager and production facility, and I make sure that information is shared between facilities. The last thing I do for each order is to put a label on their packaging and then I archive the communication after shipment.

What do you love most about your job?

The process of request for quotation and the general contact with the customers are interesting aspects of my job at MetriCorr. I enjoy working and communicating with people from around the globe with different cultures and ways of handling things. There is a big difference in how to communicate depending on where the customers are located and depending on their culture. It’s part of my job to sense the customer’s culture and ways of communication, for MetriCorr to have effective communication with our customers. I really enjoy having a daily contact with many different people and facilitating a friendly and relaxed – or informal – communication after you get acquainted.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not at work?

My wife also says that I’m a project person because I always have a project to work on at home. I play guitar in a party-band called Straight Forward, while also functioning as the technician making sure that microphones and other electrical aspects of the sound are up to date. I really enjoy doing that. I also have an old classic motorbike that I work on at home. It’s from 1983 and is a Sports tourer. I also play badminton and I’ve practiced windsurfing for the last 37 years.

Have you had some very exciting experience while working at MetriCorr?

Generally, projects become more exiting when I can use my technical skills and help customers in selecting the right configuration of our products. Or if the project becomes a little more complex than “just” off the shelf. Exciting projects may include requirement for ATEX cabinets which are explosive-safe lockers for keeping the MetriCorr measuring equipment where you need to be familiar with more in depth information, handling suppliers and communicating with all entities. When things get more “project oriented” it brings excitement and pleasure to handle to the satisfaction of the customer.  

Fun fact

I’m really much like an open book. After 10 minutes of talking to me you will probably know a lot about me.

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