Buried infrastructure supplying oil, gas, water etc. is of vital importance to society. Degradation of this infrastructure due to corrosion caused by environmental conditions such as AC/DC interference (high voltage powerlines or rail systems), telluric effects, etc. is a constant risk. Monitoring and controlling external corrosion is essential thus essential in protecting these assets.

The MetriCorr Solution

Corrosion rate and cathodic protection

The complete MetriCorr monitoring system comprises a buried ER corrosion rate probe, a specialized data logger and a remote monitoring unit (RMU). The units are battery powered and arranged in a test station with optional integral solar charging. Data from the field can be accessed from anywhere in the world via the MetriCorr Webservice.

Real-time data

Installation of the MetriCorr system allows for real-time remote monitoring of corrosion rate as well as interference and cathodic protection levels on the pipeline.
All measurements are fully in compliance with industry standards and facilitate identification, establishing root cause and resolution of corrosion events.

Corrosion events are easily identified, analyzed and root cause established to facilitate proper mitigation.In full compliance with current industry standards on pipeline cathodic protection and AC/DC interference.

  • Remote monitoring greatly reduces the need for personnel on site
  • Data is sent from site to data centers and is only accessibly by The Client via the secure Webservice
  • Continuous surveillance allows for fast and efficient reaction
  • Solar charging provides a sustainable power solution