Power Plants

Corrosion probes for power plant flue gas ducts were developed for a client that had experienced extremely high rates of corrosion while introducing biofuels as a feed. The effect of each new fuel as well as changes in operating parameters could easily be monitored and data made available on the plant’s SCADA system. This allowed the Client to determine the best conditions to mitigate the corrosion risks associated with the new feed.

The MetriCorr Solution

Corrosion rate system

Corrosion in a power plant is highly dependent on type of fuel, operating conditions and startup/shutdown procedures.
Waste- and biofuels pose significant challenges to materials of construction in power generation. Periodic inspection seldom reveals the root cause of corrosion making mitigation difficult. Online corrosion monitoring can be directly correlated with events and operational data showing causation.

Real-time data

With the MetriCorr system installed, the effect of process condition changes can be seen in real time. These measurements facilitate identification, establishing root cause and resolution of corrosion events.

  • Online corrosion rate measurement in the flue gas duct integrates with other measurements –
  • Identify periods of corrosion activity and correlate with load, temperature, humidity, fuel mix etc. to identify root cause.
  • Complete system: rugged probe, data logger, data transmission and presentation (Webservice or SCADA).