Storage Tanks

Above ground storage tanks, in contact with cushion material, are at risk of corrosion. Correct function of cathodic protection systems applied to mitigate this risk is crucial to the continued safeguard against operational losses as well as detrimental environmental impacts caused by leaks. Monitoring of the conditions under the tank allows for verification of protection levels and identification of issues should they arise.

The MetriCorr Solution

Corrosion rate/cathodic protection data

The MetriCorr ER probe system is beneficially introduced during the design stage of new tanks and installed in the tank cushion material during construction. The ER probes are placed beneath the tank at selected locations (typically near the center, half way to the periphery and close to the periphery) and close to a permanent reference electrode. Under operating conditions, the ER probes are connected to the tank so that they experience the same electrical and environmental conditions as the tank at the position of installation.

Real-time data

Installation of the MetriCorr monitoring system allows for the resolution of corrosion and interference issues over time.
Time stamped monitoring of corrosion rate and associated cathodic protection and stray current parameters provide data to verify that corrosion is under control. Corrosion events are identified, analyzed and root cause established to facilitate proper mitigation.

  • Monitors the efficiency of the applied cathodic protection system
  • Helps identify corrosion threats before leaks occur.
  • Provides continuous surveillance enabling fast and efficient reaction should corrosion occurs.
  • Complete online System comprising a rugged probe, data logger, data transmission and presentation (Web or SCADA) – or periodic manual measurements on the ER probes to quantify accumulated corrosion.