Tank Bottom Probes

Installation of an ER probe for above ground storage tank bottoms is recommended in current industry standards, such as EN 16299, etc. The MertiCorr AST ER probe is a more rugged version of the standard ER probe and includes special heat resistant cable of customer specified length, for termination in a junction box. As with the standard ER probes, the AST probe can be used in various configurations:

As a stand-alone tool
Where the measured values are read spot-wise on a regular basis. Collected data can be transferred manually to the Webservice, or managed through the App as part of the Easy Test Station concept.

Combined with the ICL data logger
to provide continuous measurements of probe thickness together with other voltage and current data.
The combination of probe and data logger provides the fastest possible corrosion rate indication and can be used to correlate corrosion rate and electrical fingerprints of the tank bottom. The data logger with an 80 000 reading storage capacity, can be downloaded on a regular basis and the collected data subsequently transferred to the Webservice by manual upload.

Combined with the ICL data logger and a remote monitoring unit
such as the M-Link or Skywave units. In this configuration data are sent automatically by cellular service to the Webservice for direct display and analysis. A satellite communication version is available on request.

Datasheets and downloads:

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