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Pipeline Application

Remote monitoring of corrosion and cathodic protection of buried pipelines is our key competence at MetriCorr. Read more about our solutions below or use the links in the menu on the right.

You can also find information through our information sheets.

The infrastructure of

Remote monitoring

MetriCorr offers a complete remote monitoring solution for pipelines and other buried assets. All the way from field measurements performed by state-of-the-art corrosion probes and data loggers to data transmission, data storage and webservice or app-based analysis tools.

The system offers data communication via cellular, satellite or fiber/LAN. Slimline loggers designed for test-station installation has an LTE Cat. 1 module for 4G/5G operation.

Remote Controlled


GPS time synchronization between all MetriCorr loggers enables ON and instant-OFF readings synchronized with rectifier switch off, performed by the MetriCorr TRM or another GPS synchronized interrupter unit.

Plan, execute and analyze
instant-off surveys
from your office!

Measurements includes not only pipeline potentials, but also other parameters measured by MetriCorr loggers, like for example line-currents and casing potentials etc.

Now you can do in minutes what usually takes days or months!

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Measuring corrosion is one thing.

Understanding why is something else.

The MetriCorr MasterLink / ICL not only captures corrosion rates using patented ER technology with unmatched resolution – it also grabs a range of electrical fingerprints like DC and AC pipe-to-soil potentials, polarized potential, DC and AC current densities and spread resistance as a diagnostic tool to establish the root cause for corrosion.

With a detection time of just hours, for critical corrosion, this is an ideal tool for interference corrosion diagnostics and verification of safe CP operations.

Measure corrosion in-situ with

ER Probes

MetriCorr has more than 30 years of experience manufacturing electrical resistance (ER) probes. Different designs are optimized for measuring corrosion of buried pipelines.

  • Built-in temperature compensation
  • Embedded certificate in plug
  • Same element for measurement of potentials, currents (AC/DC), spread resistance and corrosion
  • Standard thickness: 100, 500 and 1000 µm
  • Standard cable lengths: 6, 9 or 12 m
  • Standard area: 1, 10 or 31 cm2
  • Customizable upon request!
Measure corrosion in-situ with

Data Loggers

Four devices constitute the backbone of the MetriCorr logger portfolio.

  • ICL: 2-channel corrosion logger (ER)
  • ICL-C: 1-channel corrosion logger (ER) with line current measurement
  • VL100: 1-channel voltage logger
  • T/R Monitor: Transformer rectifier output logger

These are everything you need to monitor transformer rectifiers, galvanic anodes, polarized potential, line currents, isolating joints, critical bonds, casings, AC discharge devices, grounds, coupons (AC & DC current densities), ER probes (corrosion rate).

Install - activate - leave it

Test Stations

We acknowledge the diversity of test station designs adapted among operators and strive to meet requirements.

The Slimline series are IP 65 and designed to fit inside Big Fink test stations or MetriCorr junction boxes.

>3 years power supply on our batteries, or more with solar panels.

Take field measurements with your

MetriCorr App

Connect to the MetriCorr Masterlink with an app for simple commissioning of units and taking test station measurements in the field.

  • Test server connection
  • Test signal strength
  • Wireless connection to data logger (Bluetooth)
  • Performing spot measurements
  • Sync spot measurements to WebService account or send via email

Available on iOS and Android platforms.

Analyse your data

Web Service

CP*Manage Web Service – the MetriCorr internet-based system for managing, analyzing, and reporting pipeline corrosion and cathodic protection data.

The system receives data automatically from remote monitoring units, by uploading files from data loggers, or simply by manual entry of single measurements performed by the CP technician at test stations.

Remote monitoring based on

Corrosion Research

Superior line of research papers and Ph.D. work embedded in our measurement philosophies

MetriCorr is based on 30 years of corrosion research predominantly on AC corrosion, initiated at the Technical University of Denmark.

Today, besides embedding our knowledge into unmatched corrosion and cathodic protection monitoring solutions, we continue to invest in research and share our knowledge through technical and scientific papers, chair and participate in standardization committees as well as act as peer reviewers for esteemed corrosion science periodicals.

This is how our products, technologies and services are formed.


Test Station Commissioning

Designed to cover the

Complete System

A modern pipeline and CP system faces numerous risks. An intelligent remote monitoring solution can help preserving asset integrity and document regulatory compliance. MetriCorr has developed a wide range of loggers, coupons and probes to be able to cover all thinkable challenges and GPS time synchronization between loggers allows for instant-off measurement of potentials along the line.