Wind Power

The infrastructure of

Remote monitoring

MetriCorr offers a complete range of sensors, dataloggers, and remote monitoring systems especially designed for the offshore wind power industry. The sensors can be positioned in the foundations on structures such as monopiles to monitor the corrosion risk in various positions, focusing primarily on below seabed, submerged zone, tidal zone and the atmospheric zone. The system offers data communication via cellular, satellite or fiber/LAN. Various ER sensor types have been developed for the purpose of monitoring aqueous- or atmospheric corrosion inside or outside the structures.

MetriCorr has delivered more than 1400 sensors to the world’s largest offshore wind farms.


A dedicated, compact, low-weight, multichannel data acquisition system (DAQ) for monitoring a large array of corrosion sensors, as well as transferring signals to the MetriCorr WebService or customer server is offered. This device can be powered by solar power or batteries in island mode (off-grid), or it can be powered by the mains system. Besides the specialized ER type sensors, a range of channels can be adapted to the system for conventional transmitters for measurement of soil resistivity, depth, temperature etc.

Plug and Play

Offshore time is valuable! The offshore systems from MetriCorr are designed to be plug and play to allow for simple installation.

Operational Reliability

With very limited access to offshore installations, reliability of the MetriCorr loggers and sensors is a high priority. The system can be configured and updated remotely.

Key Parameters

Sensors from MetriCorr deliver key parameters such as corrosion progress, potentials, currents, temperature, spread resistance etc. for continuous monitoring of the integrity of the structure.

Integrated Sensors

Sensors can be integrated into the monopile design or post-installed on existing structures. A durable design of sensors provides long lifetime in a rough environment.

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