Good news for MetriCorr and clients in North America

We are happy to announce that Klaus Jeppesen has joined MetriCorr as Operations Manager, North America.

Klaus is an experienced corrosion and cathodic protection specialist (CP4), who through over 25 years have been solving corrosion problems. He brings corrosion engineering, consulting and managerial skills to Metricorr, in order to help our clients get the full benefits from remote corrosion monitoring.

Klaus has achieved his hands-on knowledge and state-of-the-art technical expertise from involvement in corrosion control and corrosion assessment in industries such as water/waste water facilities and piping, hydro carbon storage tanks and pipelines.

Located in Southern California, he will serve North American clients in close collaboration with the rest of the MetriCorr staff. With a bachelor in civil engineering, project management skills and deep understanding of AC and DC stray current interference and cathodic protection, Klaus is a perfect match to take on the role as operations manager in MetriCorr.

We are excited to work with you!

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