Marine fouling is not an issue with ER probes from MetriCorr

There’s a corrosion and cathodic protection monitoring system underneath this. And it works!

Most electrochemical techniques for corrosion monitoring rely on clean electrodes and frequent re-calibration. ER probes from MetriCorr do not. They will reliably capture any effect from biological growth on the corrosive conditions in any environment.

The pictures are from the CoaST Maritime Test Centre in Hundested, where we have been cooperating with DTU Chemical and Biochemical Engineering since February 2022. The purpose of the cooperation is to carry out extensive field testing and collect data from our various probes to verify the performance of our products in realistic and tough test-environment with exposure to the atmospheric, splash/tidal, and immersed zones 🌊

Want to know how it looked in September? It is safe to say that a lot has happened:

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