Update from our offshore system tests at CoaST Maritime Test Centre

Back in February, MetriCorr started a cooperation with DTU – the Hempel Coatings Science and Technology Centre (CoaST), to carry out extensive field testing and collect data from our various probes.

Thanks to DTU, we can test our offshore monitoring system under realistic conditions at the CoaST Maritime Test Centre. The facility offers exposure in the atmospheric, splash/tidal and immersed zones which mimic the conditions that an offshore wind power foundation will encounter throughout its service life – though on a much smaller scale.

The project has now been running for six months and the results look promising:

“The data from our tests are ticking in on our server and we receive results every hour. Even though it’s too early to break any news about corrosion performance, it is relevant to demonstrate, that our remote monitoring solution is working impeccable and as intended”, says project manager Frank Fontenay.

The purpose of this project is to collect data to verify the performance of our products in a realistic and tough test-environment.

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