A warm welcome to Mathis

We are happy to welcome a new face at MetriCorr – Mathis Gente who is our engineering intern!

Mathis is currently working on his master´s in materials, mechanical engineering, in collaboration with the Research and Innovation Center for Energy of GRT Gaz in France.

MetriCorr has a close scientific and technical relationship with GRT Gaz on sustainable pipeline infrastructure issues. As Mathis has been using MetriCorr products in his work, he got the idea of contacting MetriCorr for an internship:

“I am very happy for this opportunity – I look forward to gaining valuable experience and knowledge from this internship, which will be a true asset for my future”.

During his time at MetriCorr, Mathis will be doing a project on AC corrosion to investigate the effect of various AC parameters and how it can be measured in the laboratory under simulated conditions in soil boxes and in the field:

“It´s very cool to have access to MetriCorr’s probes and software and to test how they work in the field, both in soil and offshore structures”. 

We are happy to have Mathis onboard and are looking forward to learn about his results and discoveries.​

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