20 Years of Adventure

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This year MetriCorr is celebrating our 20-years anniversary, a journey that has been saturated with adventures.

Actually, the journey took off in the late 1990’s when MetriCorr founder Lars Vendelbo Nielsen was completely immersed in the clarification of the secrets of AC corrosion. After his industrial Ph.D. work completed in collaboration between the Technical University of Denmark, and Danish Oil & Natural Gas corporation (now Ørsted), Lars had his own little one-man research shop – still based in the laboratories of the University. As such, Lars was assigned from the Danish pipeline owners to clarify if all this “modern” talk about effect of AC induction on corrosion on pipelines would be true or false. The early research required a new way of instantaneously measuring the corrosion rate under cathodic protection conditions, without any disturbance from interfering AC. This initiated a fruitful working relation between Lars and his late father, Kaj Vendelbo Nielsen, who was a skilled developer of electronic devices, and provided the first prototypes during thousands of invested voluntary hours in the garage.

Today, 20 years – 17,000 sensors-, 70 written scientific and technical articles and presentations, peer reviewer- and chair roles – later, MetriCorr is an ever-growing company now with 25 highly qualified, HW and SW specialist, Ph.D.- level corrosion researchers, support staff as well as a smooth and scalable production concept. “Nowadays we have customers world-wide using our technologies for pipeline corrosion- and cathodic protection monitoring, tank bottom monitoring, offshore wind power applications, atmospheric corrosion monitoring and more.

We have just finalized a giant development effort that has lasted for the past three years resulting in the completion of a full-scale remote monitoring system for pipeline rectifiers, test stations, interference points and much more – supported by our CP*Manage Webservice from where all units are accessible and where data are automatically dumped, systematically presented, and analyzed. The year of our 20th anniversary will be spent on further building facilities and services into the CP*Manage system and to further reinforce our customer support”, Lars says. “We have the best products and the best customers, and we will invest thoroughly in building the bridge in-between”.

When asked about his reflections on the past +20 years, Lars highlights his pride in still being based on firm corrosion research. “We have been contributing significantly to the clarification of especially AC corrosion, and we have been gathering research assignments both from joint industry projects and from institutions like GERG and PRCI. Our profound research has given us a deep technical knowledge on the challenges our technologies are meant to solve. Research is our DNA, which we are building into our products, and this is what distinguish us from being just another supplier”, Lars states. “Back then in the late 90’s I was warned by skilled CP engineers about having the ambition of distributing ER probes for external corrosion on pipelines for corrosion measurements and monitoring. “We just need potentials they said”. Well, today I am happy I tried anyway……” Lars concludes.

Download the first AC corrosion (never published) papers here.

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