MetriCorr is pleased to announce three new employees

In September three skilled people in PM, BI and corrosion specialties have joined MetriCorr

MetriCorr is expanding this fall, and we are pleased to announce the recent hiring of three new employees. It is Per Lauritzen as project manager, Harris Ahmed as data and business intelligence analyst and Frank Fontenay as senior corrosion and materials specialist.

Per Lauritzen as project manager

We are honored to have Per Lauritzen at MetriCorr from the 1st of September. Per has more the 25 years of experience with Project management within the Security, IoT and Telecom business as Development Manager, Service Deployment Manager and Product Development Manager running internal development projects as well as external customer critical communication solutions worldwide.

Per will manage our internal projects as well as our onshore and offshore customer deployment projects from the initial design phase to the deployment at the customer sites.

Harris Ahmed, Data and BI analyst

Also a big welcome to our new data and business intelligence analyst! His name is Harris Ahmed. Harris is now studying Data Science, where he has a big passion in working with data. He wants to learn how data can be processed, i.e.: Collected, sorted, stored, analyzed, understood, secured and use this knowlegde to create further value for companies. His goal is to be an expert in processing data at several levels.

Harris studies a master’s degree in Data Science at The University of Southern Denmark on a daily basis. At MetriCorr he is responsible for analyzing and illustrating the corrosion data that MetriCorr is collecting.

Frank Fontenay, senior corrosion & materials specialist

Last but not least a big welcome to Frank Fontenay, who is taking the role as senior corrosion & materials specialist at MetriCorr. Frank has a PhD in corrosion technology and more than 25 years’ experience in corrosion consulting and project management. Frank will have the responsibility of project management and product development.

Frank is a chemical engineer specialized within corrosion and corrosion measurement and holds a PhD in advanced surface technology and corrosion measurement from the Technical University of Denmark.

Frank’s main working areas have been consulting, failure analysis, project management and teaching within corrosion, corrosion protection and testing. Major business segments have been chemical process industry, offshore industry, building/construction and potable water installations.

Furthermore Frank was head of department for the Materials Consultancy Department at FORCE Technology for 4 years.

At MetriCorr Frank’s main responsibilities will be management of corrosion monitoring projects and development and testing of new corrosion monitoring products for offshore wind turbines, pipelines and presumably new customer segments.

We are excited to work with all three of you!

Frank Fontenay, corrosion specialist

Per Lauritzen, project manager
Harris Ahmed, data and BI analyst

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