Identification of corrosion risk-areas in DESFA pipeline grid system

Project Detail

The Hellenic Gas Transmission System Operator (DESFA) S.A. has been using the MetriCorr corrosion and cathodic protection monitoring devices since the market introduction almost 10 years ago.

Section Head of DESFA Department for Cathodic & Surge/Lightning Protection, Dr. Nick J. Kioupis, comments that MetriCorr ER corrosion rate probes have been very helpful in identifying areas where risk of corrosion in the pipelines is increased. “In some cases, the use of MetriCorr probes has identified sections where subsequent in-line inspection has also shown comparatively the most important findings, enabling us to prioritize sections for direct examination and inspection, with a goal to prevent leakages to the surrounding environment. The concept is particularly useful in AC corridors with either piggable or non-piggable pipelines. AC corrosion may cause corrosion in tiny coating defects. In-line inspection tools may underestimate or even overlook these impacts and we are now looking forward to taking further steps in the implementation of the MetriCorr technology in our pipeline grid”, Dr. Kioupis says.

“DESFA was one of the earliest adaptors of our system 10 years ago. In the conservative market for corrosion protection and monitoring, where it is absolutely essential for the operators to ensure the integrity of their pipelines, we – as a supplier of an inventive concept – were very dependent on early movers”, MetriCorr Founder Lars Vendelbo Nielsen states. “Now, where our concept is widespread and accepted as a normative tool, we look back with gratitude on the long and mutually beneficial collaboration we have with DESFA and Dr. Kioupis. DESFA has not only implemented our instrumentations, but also participated in our joint industry research projects along with other significant pipeline operators, and Dr. Kioupis has singlehandedly written and presented technical papers that documented the benefits of our products. We are very happy with the continuous collaboration with DESFA and their efforts in a further implementation of MetriCorr systems in their integrity programs”.

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