Meet the team: Andreas Junker Olesen

If you are familiar with MetriCorr and our products, services and research, there is a great chance that you will already have stumbled upon Andreas Junker Olesen in one way or another

Andreas holds a PhD in AC corrosion from DTU – Technical University of Denmark (which was recently ranked the 3rd best technical university in the world). He is a Senior Corrosion Engineer at our headquarter in Copenhagen, and he has been a part of MetriCorr since 2014.

Back then, his tasks were very diverse – as they are today – but it is safe to say that they were different and a bit more manually:

“When I started at MetriCorr, we were a smaller business making a few loggers or probes at a time. In the first years I spent all my time on my research and my thesis. After that I remember spending a lot of hours calibrating equipment and assembling the products manually in the beginning. Today, we have an in-house production, for our main markets; buried pipelines and offshore wind. The latter has grown substantially during my time with MetriCorr,” Andreas explains.

The tasks are still very diverse, but his responsibility has grown with the title of senior corrosion engineer:

“One of the things I love about being a part of MetriCorr is the flexibility. You really get to do a lot of different things and you are involved in a lot of projects. This means that my tasks vary from customer support and consultancy to product development, marketing, and research. No two days are the same.”

It is safe to say that Andreas thrives in his role, but what is so special about working with corrosion?

“I used to have this idea that I was going to invent and build things for a living: to create products that the world needs. Eventually, I realized that there is a great and important job in maintaining and preserving things that have already been built. And this is the exact core of corrosion prevention and cathodic protection.”

MetriCorr | Andreas Junker Olesen | Senior Corrosion Engineer

But an exciting field is not enough to keep a quality employee like Andreas in the same company for so many years. A good working place is essential for a well-functioning work/life-balance – especially with 3 (!) kids at home:

“Sometimes there is a lot on my desk, but as with a lot of other aspects in life, it is a matter of priorities. And since we are a small company, there is always someone down the hall who can help you. In general, MetriCorr is a very familiar place to work – even in the very busy and hectic periods. This means a lot to me,” he explains.

We are very thrilled that Andreas is a part of MetriCorr and we value his work and contributions tremendously – both professionally and personally. We hope that you will still be around for your 10-year anniversary next year! 


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