MetriCorr features in World Pipeline Magazine

World Pipelines North America supplement November edition 2020 features a MetriCorr front cover and a technical article on remote monitoring of corrosion and CP systems

The November issue of World Pipelines North America supplement features an article about remote monitoring of cathodic protection of pipelines by Dr. Junker Olesen, Engineer at MetriCorr. MetriCorr is also this month’s front cover.

Below you find the extrated PDF of the Word Pipeline front cover and the technical article covering critical components and solutions to a modern CP system.

Cathodic protection of pipelines or other cathodically protected assets is a complex business. It is the operator’s interest and responsibility to maintain a high level of system integrity and comply with regulatory requirements, while at the same time paying close attention to operating costs.
Compliance requires data – often the more the better. But acquiring large amounts of data has traditionally been associated with high expenditures. To overcome this, remote monitoring units have become a key component in modern cathodic protection systems, and in combination with an intelligent webservice and reporting tool, the task of documenting compliance is one step closer for the pipeline operator.

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