MetriCorr supports green transition of the energy sector

Renewable and clean energy such as wind power is on the rise, driven by economics, environmental needs, and a wider range of technical innovation in renewable energy. 

Since 2020 Europe has with the EU Green Deal been striving towards climate neutrality in 2050. One of the tools is to develop a power sector based largely on renewable sources. Wind power is one of the most common forms of renewable energy in Denmark, and more than 40 percent of the total Danish electricity is generated from wind. Approximately one third of this wind energy is produced offshore. Across the Atlantic, offshore wind farms are now gaining traction in the United States, and the US offshore wind industry are ready to scale up to meet the demands for the growth in this sector**.

At MetriCorr, we follow the development in the renewable energy sector closely, to offer high-quality solutions for remote monitoring of corrosion, cathodic protection and coating degradation of offshore wind power and associated structures. Offshore windfarms are subject to aggressive marine environments, and asset integrity monitoring is an integral part of continued safe operation.

MetriCorr offers a complete range of sensors, dataloggers, and remote monitoring systems especially designed for the offshore wind power industry. The sensors can be positioned in the foundations on structures such as monopiles to monitor the corrosion risk in various positions relative to the seabed, submerged zone, tidal/splash zone and the atmospheric zone. MetriCorr has more than 20 years of experience in research and development of monitoring systems for corrosion protection of critical energy infrastructure. For the past 7 years we have serviced the offshore wind industry and delivered more than 1400 sensors to the world’s largest offshore wind farms.

With the growing interest and development in wind energy, MetriCorr is prepared to provide the best-in-class monitoring systems via continued product development, research, and close dialogue with our clients.
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